About Us

The basics of Atalar Companies Group were put in to action in 1988 for the first time by Þenol Atalar with his operations in the field of automotive by establishment of PINAR AUTOMOTIVE CO. LTD.

And these enterprises were followed by domestic housing constructions. Atalar Group, that got started  on marketing  and  “Tourist Facility” including the hotel and food-beverage units, also has got into act in industrial sector with glasses frame production and building trade with overseas housing constructions.

Atalar Group, carrying on a business with its employees more than 300, goes on expanding business by transferring its fund of knowledge combined with the experience in various sectors from tourism to industrial  sector to the new fields of operation.

Atalar Companies Group internalized a business philosophy which takes  the requirements  of modern  conditions into consideration taking a close interest in progressions both in  our country  and abroad  with a technologic, dynamic, professional but amateur spirit. Atalar Group has an insisting approach that perceives and understands the importance of the quality in addition to cost and price, based on rivalry which is the prerequisite of free market economy.

Atalar Group has always been successful in finding solutions to modern needs with a continually progressing philosophy, by the achievement of catching up-to-date production technics and the flexibility  against changing conditions.

The target of Atalar Group is sharing the moral serenity with its addressees by the mutual  pecuniary  advantages without compromising from the values of the  society lived in, while it’s working to develop  in a manner of being able to  supply the needs of Turkey and the globe. The society is also aware of the responsibility of the public order  and public administration. Atalar is also aware the importance of the continuation of companies as much as the foundations of them. Atalar believes that the investments are all done for the future of Turkey and it experiences the  pride of it with all employees.