In modern economies of today, division of labour and reconciling has increased and labour market has progressed .While the share of service sector taken from national income is increasing in Turkey day by day, qualified workforce is needed. On the other hand, the labour employed by different firms, operating in the same sector, may have dissimilar qualifications. Being able to reach educated,practiced and talented workforce that takes all these dissimilarities into consideration has been a must of rivalry. Though the rate of unemployment rises in the world, major difficulties are encountered to provide the qualified workforce ,required by firms.

Atalar Companies Group, as a group that’s aware of all these realities, shows the flexibility of manufacturing in the districts,in which it can reach the labour force required in related companies, which are close to needed workforce with respect to production, quality and efficiency.

Our firm, operates within the structure of this group, need employees with various qualifications. It is required to fill in application form for the candidates who will apply for a job.