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n addition to the individual daily needs of societies, again many facilities and formation of them to rise the social welfare, are in the scope of construction. Many facilities used to serve people, such as buildings, dams, water tanks, water channels, water lines, cobblestones, highways, railways, airports, are constructed for a limited period of service. Building houses, constitutes just one of the sub-classes of construction industry.

House is an economic, social, cultural dimensioned place, having a physical volume, which satisfy “accommodation”, the basic need of people, A dwelling, sometimes considered as a consumption product or sometimes as  an investment estate by the household, changes and progresses based on many factors such as natural conditions, development level, usage of sources, income distribution, population growth and density, urbanization, emigration and household qualifications.

“The demand of housing”, in addition to population growth,risen by the emigration to the cities and especially to the metropolitan districts and the lack of supply to satisfy this need comes out as the most important problem of housing .So one of the basic problems of developing countries is “lack of housing”. Inadequacy of income per capita in these kind of countries, is held as an obstacle that affects the process of home owning, on adding some other drawbacks originated due to credit and housing finance problems occur related with house demand and the supply to fulfill this demands.

The prior stipulations, both in all fields of constructing and especially in house constructing, are firmness, precautions against natural risks, generating qualified structures, architectural aesthetics. In addition to the supply of combination modern, healthy, aesthetic buildings with social life, the matters shouldn’t be compromised by the public administration and building contractors are; constructing ergonomic designed houses and necessary precautions against not only earthquake, flood and fire but also electricity, natural gas cuts.

Konak Construction, has always taken this reality into consideration related not only with the building it constructed  in the country but also the ones abroad.

Konak Construction checks the climatic conditions and family structure of the districts in which they construct and form them as strong, aesthetic and habitable fields.



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